OPP Cancellation AnnouncementThe Omaha Parks Program.

First, we would first like to thank all of the past supporters of the Omaha Parks Program (OPP). Over the 4-year history of the program, we were able to raise funds to contribute to our beautiful City parks, build local awareness and encourage local businesses to “Buy the Big O.” Best Buy Signs is grateful for your patronage and value the relationships that have formed.

Second, under the direction of the Omaha Parks & Recreation Department (OPRD), we are unfortunately ending the OPP. As a result, we must respect this decision as the OPP is not conducive to the OPRD. Best Buy Signs is very grateful for the opportunity to have brought this program to our City.

We assure you Best Buy Signs will continue to offer many other advertising opportunities. We would like to invite you to take advantage of one of the many bus bench advertising locations near parks that were in the OPP.

For a current list of these locations and more information on display options Best Buy Signs has to offer, please contact Shawn at shawn@bestbuysigns.net, or call 402-861-0384.

Thank you for understanding.


The Best Buy Signs team